About us

kaveno was started in 2021 by a team of founder(s) who witness the change towards digital transformation and wondered how it was that many business procedures or workflows were digital, but the humble business card remained in paper form, not really ever being considered as an opportunity to improve.

Hence, kaveno was created with the aim of being able to create a trusted and secure web-based software platform, which would attract both large and small-scale businesses around the globe to migrate their traditional paper business cards to a digital product.

In order for this to become a reality, kaveno founders realized that the digital business card platform needed to be robust, secure, reproducible, scalable to meet the needs of different-sized businesses, as well as always available. Digital Business Card by kaveno removes all existing barriers of card sharing, storing, and usage, and making the process as simple as possible.

From the outset, it was decided that the most important decision in the development of the Digital Business Card was that it must be web-based with the highest level of encryption so that customers would be confident in the security of the solution, as it had been proven time and time again that apps were susceptible to security breaches or data compromises.

Our founders have also agreed that kaveno Digital Business Card would NOT compromise the trust of our clients by collecting or selling confidential user information. A practice that is known to be undertaken by app developers, in order to offer their product for free.

You, as a potential customer of kaveno Digital Business Card, can be assured that our relationship and integrity with our customers is paramount in our success and therefore, we emulate the protocol of NOT collecting, storing or selling customer information or data.

Your Digital Business Card is stored in the cloud in encrypted servers, which are backed up to multiple locations. You also have the convenience of having your Digital Business Card always available to you on your smartphone, either stored in your contacts list or on the mobile phone home screen for easy access.

Connect with the world and put your business in the palm of your customer’s hand with a Digital Business Card from kaveno.